Are you getting a good deal?

When you’re buying a home, how can you tell if you got a good deal or not?  Real estate agents might say it’s a good deal… The seller might say it’s a good deal… But is there a way that you can run the numbers for yourself?  Well, at Forge Property Solutions, we’ve been buying … Continued

Emotionally Prepare for Selling a Home

Selling your home? To most people — buyers and real estate agents, for instance — your home is just a commodity… it’s a “product” that can make them some money (real estate agent) or fulfill a need (buyers). For YOU, though, it’s probably something more. It’s your home — the place you’ve lived for quite … Continued

Stop waiting for home to sell on the MLS

Have you listed your house on the MLS but seem to be struggling to get people interested? We know.  It’s frustrating.  This could be happening for a lot of different reasons.  Maybe it’s because the house is priced too high.  Or you’ve been sitting on the house for a long time and nobody wants to … Continued

Home Location

We’ve bought a lot of homes in Stockton over the last few years. In fact, it’s sort of our thing.  We make offers to homeowners who want to sell fast and as-is for a fair cash price… without the headaches of listing on the MLS or going through a real estate agent.  Obviously, this process … Continued

Why buy ugly homes

At Forge Property Solutions , we buy properties as-is for cash in Stockton.  We can even close in as little as two weeks — the seller picks the closing date and we pay all closing costs! And we’ve helped TONS of people in Stockton to get a fast and fair offer for their homes. Primarily, … Continued

Preparing property for rent

Having a rental property can be a great way to create passive income, build equity, and invest in your long-term wealth. But how do you prepare a property to be a rental?  At Forge Property Solutions , we’ve spent quite a long time investing in real estate in Stockton… so we thought we’d drop by … Continued

How to lower property taxes

Dealing with obnoxiously high property taxes in Stockton? Want to lower them?  Well, at Forge Property Solutions , we’ve been real estate investing in Stockton for quite some time now. And we’ve learned a thing or two about lowering property taxes.  So we thought we’d share some tips! Request Your Property Tax Card — The … Continued

Choosing your closing date

Need to hit a very specific closing date on the sale of your home in Stockton? At Forge Property Solutions , we can’t tell you how many people we’ve met who’ve had to eat double mortgage payments while they waited for the property to sell in the old neighborhood after moving…  … or people who’ve … Continued

Determining rental price

Not sure how much to charge for a rental property? The number chosen is an important one — it’ll determine how easy it is to find tenants and keep tenants.  The price needs to be competitive.  It also needs to cover all of the costs associated with the property.  At Forge Property Solutions , we’ve … Continued

Will we give you a fair price

At Forge Property Solutions , we’re a team of real estate investors that buy and sell homes in Stockton. More specifically, we can buy YOUR HOME as-is for a fair cash price.  BUT…  One of the most common questions we get from home sellers like yourself is… “How do I know your offer is actually … Continued

Bad Tenants – Direct Pitch

Got bad tenants? You purchased the rental as a source of additional income, to build some free equity… to invest in the future.  But bad tenants ruin all of that.  They can decrease the value of the property (by destroying it) and make paying the mortgage a real challenge (by paying late). It sounded like … Continued

Home Has Too Many Repairs

Is your home jam-packed with projects that need to get done? We know what that’s like. The floor needs repaired, windows need replaced, there’s water damage in the bathroom, and the grass is turning more and more grey every year.  When falling behind on projects… things can get overwhelming. And then where does one even … Continued

Moving for work – direct pitch

Need to move for work? Lots of people are having to do that these days.  But one of the most difficult parts of moving for work is selling your home at the RIGHT TIME.  Sell too soon and there’s not going to be anywhere to live before the new job starts. Sell too late and … Continued

Lawncare hacks

Want a beautiful lawn this year? But sick of the WORK required to keep a beautiful lawn?  Here are some helpful hacks! Don’t Mow Wet Grass — It’s human nature to just want to go outside and get it done, but wait until the rain stops and give it some time to dry up. Mowing … Continued

Home security

Concerned about the security of your home? Well — it’s always better to be safe than sorry! At Forge Property Solutions , we are quite good at securing our own properties in Stockton and we thought we’d drop by with some quick tips.  Here you go! Befriend The Neighbors — Getting acquainted with the surrounding … Continued