Homeownership come with maintenance

Is your home even worth repairing? Obviously, you don’t want to live in a home with broken appliances, bad plumbing, dangerous wiring, or ineffective air conditioning… But you also don’t want to spend an arm and leg to live in a home that’s functional. Truthfully, you shouldn’t have to spend massive amounts of money to … Continued

Yard work bringing on stress?

Trying to sell a home with a torn-up yard? We get it… For better or worse, the first thing that buyers see — before they even walk in your house — is the lawn. And if that yard leaves a bad first impression, it can make potential buyers walk away without a second-glance. Fortunately, that’s … Continued

When the earth moves, so will your house.

Are you trying to sell a home with structural damage? While you can try to make your house look pretty for potential buyers, most real estate agents are trained to spot the telltale signs of structural damage (sagging floors, uneven walls, cracks in the foundation, etc) and they will discourage their clients from following through … Continued

Inherited Property?

Unsure of what to do after inheriting a house? We get it. While you’re grateful to be on the person’s will, inheriting a home comes with a lot of unexpected responsibilities. For example, you’ll now be responsible for taxes, insurance, and any leftover debt. Fortunately, at FORGE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, we’ve worked with a lot of … Continued

Stats Don’t Lie

Selling your home soon in Stockton? Here’s what to expect (according to cold, hard data)… Overall, It Takes Between 65-93 Days To Sell-According to Zillow, the average house spends 2-3 months on the market, from listing to closing. Thanks COVID. It Takes 1-2 Months To Get an Acceptable Offer-The average house seller accepts an offer … Continued

Expired listing?

Has your house listing expired?   We know… it’s frustrating.   You put a lot of effort into listing your house with an agent and getting everything ready for selling… but crickets.   And now you’re back at square one. 🙁  But not all is lost… here are 4 things you can do with a home that won’t … Continued

Selling during COVID

Were you planning to sell your house before the Carona Virus outbreak? Well, it’s no secret that the U.S. economy is currently grinding to a halt. And many experts are predicting that the housing market is going to take a dive here in the next month as well (which means less money for sellers). 🙁 … Continued

How is the market changing?

How is the real estate market changing… and how will it affect the sale of your home?   Well, we’ve helped lots of people in Stockton sell their home… and we consistently monitor the market for changes and shifts.   If you’re a home seller, then here are some market changes you should be aware of…  More … Continued

Want to sell quickly?

Want to sell your house as quickly as possible in Central Valley?  Here are a few things you can do to make the process move more quickly…  Repair What’s Broken — In order to find a buyer as quickly as possible, you’ll need to repair anything that’s broken; windows, doors, flooring, etc.   Clean, Upgrade, & … Continued